Features Overview

Hailed Coffee is the first Café in Toronto that offers a wide variety of dates to be paired with you coffee. Our dates bar is seasonal. However, the following three varieties have been the most popular by far


Premium Ajwa 

Originating from Madinah, the city of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Ajwa dates are historically and religiously significant. They have a distinct black colour and a moderate sweet taste.

Pairs well with dairy and Cardamom.

Licorice | Soft | Mild sweet 



Also from Madinah region, the Mabroom variety is identified by its firm texture, shaded brownish colour and moderate sweet taste.

Our staff pick and pairs well with espresso. 

Buckwheat Honey | Dense | Sweet



Sukkari dates have a yellowish skin and mildly sweet flesh. They are generally soft and chewy; a crystallised layer often forms on the top, offering a crisp bite.

By far the most popular variety and it pairs perfectly with Arabic Coffee.

Caramel | Soft | Sweet